How to Sign up and Play at an Online Bingo Site

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As you may never have played bingo online before, but are eager to do so, possibly due to some of the very high valued bonuses you have seen showcased throughout our website then we just know that this guide is going to be an ideal one to make use of and to read through!

What we are going to do is to be enlightening you on the complete procedure for signing up to any of our featured and fully approved bingo sites, how to fund your bingo site account and how to pick out and then play any of the bingo games that have caught your imagination!

Be aware however that there are a huge number of different bingo game categories on offer to you, so once you have finished reading through this guide do check out some of our other ones to ensure you select a bingo game that is best suited to you!

One important thing you should do however is only play at bingo sites that are licensed and regulated, we are pleased to let you know that every single bingo site we have chosen to present to you throughout this website does hold a full gaming license, and that ensures above all else you are playing certified fair bingo games and will always get paid out your winnings quickly when you win too!

Register and Make a Deposit

To become a first time real money player online you will need to pick out one of our listed bingo sites at which to play at, and by visiting the website of the one you have chosen you simply need to click on the Register button displayed on that bingo sites website.

By doing so you will then be presented with a registration form, and will need to fill in very single part of that form, please be aware that all of the information you submit when signing up to and registering as a new player at any bingo site will be the information that bingo site will use to verify your identity and your age too.register

Therefore make sure that you make no mistakes or leave out any sections of the registration form, for if you do the bingo site may have to close your account if they cannot confirm your identity, your address and that you are the legal age to gamble online, which in the case of the UK is 18 years and over!

Once your account has been opened then you will need to make a deposit to allow you to then purchase real money bingo cards and tickets and to do so you simply need to click onto the cashier or banking button and then the secure banking interface will launch and load onto your screen.

Simply select the method you wish to use to make your deposit, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click onto the submit button. All bingo site deposits are processed in real time and therefore your credits will show up in your account very quickly once approved!

Claiming Bonuses and Buying Bingo Cards

One aspect of playing bingo online that you will not want to miss out on is claiming some of those very generous bonuses or any of our exclusive bonuses that are available to new players at any of our featured bingo sites.

When you do like the look of any of those bonuses please first read through the terms and conditions attached to any of them you wish to claim, as by doing so you will then discover how you are required to use your bonus credits and any additional bingo playing rules that you must adhere to when playing off your bingo credits too!

The way in which you can get your bonus bingo playing credits added to your account can and often will vary from bingo site to bingo site, however many sites use something known as a promo or bonus code systems that will allow you to add your bonus credits you wish to claim to your account yourself.

As such when you do see a bonus on offer you wish to make use of and claim simply look up its unique bonus or promo code which will be displayed alongside each bonus and when making a deposit enter that unique code into the bingo sites banking interface, for by doing so as soon as your deposit have been approved your bonus credits will magically appear in your bingo site account at the same time as that deposit does!

As soon as you have funded your bingo site account and have claimed any bonuses then simply look through the bingo room menu at the site you are paying at and click onto the bingo room you wish to play in.

Once that bingo room has been loaded onto your computer screen and the current bingo game has ended you can then enter how many bingo cards you wish to purchase for the very next game and a timer will count down to let you know when that bingo game is due to start!

Dabbing Off Numbers and Calling House

Once you have all of your bingo card purchased and the timer counts down to zero then the very next bingo game will start. What you will not need to worry about is you having to dab off each number as it is called out on any of your bingo cards or bingo tickets.

The bingo sites software is going to dab off each number for you automatically! Also if you have bought a large number of cards or tickets the software will also position the cards that have the most numbers dabbed off in a way you can spot them much easier.

As soon as you have formed the winning pattern the bingo software will then call House for you and your bingo winnings will then be added to your bingo account instantly, and then the next game countdown will begin!