Online Bingo Trends for 2018

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Online bingo was on fire during 2017, with millions of players snapping up tickets here, there, and everywhere. Considering how fruitful 2017 proved to be, 2018 has a lot to live up to, especially as far as out-and-out action is concerned. Not one to stand still, it appears that the many of the top bingo sites, like Dove Bingo (click here for more details) have been hard at work, looking at ways in which online bingo can be taken to the next level.

The following looks at the trends (and in some cases innovations) that could become a part of the online bingo experience during 2018 and sign

Mobile Play

Mobile bingo might feel like it’s been around for ages, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Launching on wide-scale just a few years ago, when compared to desktop play, mobile bingo is still very much in its infancy. Given the level of interest from players, you can only expect the mobile bingo experience to take on new meaning during 2018. Bigger bonuses, more games, and even dedicated mobile bingo experiences are all on the horizon. If you enjoy playing online bingo on the move, get ready, as mobile bingo should be a prominent trend throughout 2018.

Virtual Reality

From the already proven to purely experimental, it appears that the online bingo industry is willing to embrace the potential of virtual reality. Now, it must be said that the use of this technology certainly hasn’t reached any real money stage as of yet, but apparently progress is being made with regards to potential Samsung device focused VR Bingo. What is probably aiding the calls for VR bingo is the fact that near enough any mobile phone can be turned into a VR device with the right accessories. This means that the technology is more or less ready to go, while the user base is also at hand to match.

Will VR bingo become a reality in 2018? It’s hard to say, but you can expect it to become a further discussed idea as the year moves forward.

Male Player Focus

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that women predominantly play bingo. The “housewives market” is ruthlessly targeted by the biggest bingo brands in the world, but it appears that we could see a slight shift of focus during 2018. Depending on where you pull the stats from, 75% of all bingo players are women, with the male player demographic being tiny in comparison. What we are starting to see is many new bingo sites putting together platforms with men in mind. From the promotions to the prizes, we are seeing a steady increase in male-focused online bingo action. While we don’t see a 50/50 split between male and female players being on the horizon anytime soon, we do expect the number of active male bingo players to increase during 2018.

Increased Payment Options

Bitcoin has hit the online casino domain with full force, as the door to cryptocurrency-backed betting has been blown wide open. Considering how intertwined the two forms of gambling are, you can fully expect bingo to follow suit in 2018. Plenty of bingo sites are starting to look at Bitcoin as a possible payment option, measuring player demand. With its potential introduction it brings fresh opportunity for the bingo market to grow and prosper further. Now, don’t expect to see a full cryptocurrency roll out during 2018, as altcoins aren’t in particularly high demand as of yet, but Bitcoin is certainly on the cards, so its introduction at leading online bingo sites is surely imminent.

Trends to be Excited About!

When it comes to innovation, online bingo has always been one or two steps behind the online casino and sports betting fields. This is largely because out and out innovation simply hasn’t been called for in the past, but times are changing, something that the upcoming bingo trends prove. If you’re an online bingo fan, it’s going to be a case of hold onto your hats, as 2018 has some seriously exciting trends afoot that could very well change the face of the game forever!

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