What Other Games Can I Play at a Bingo Site?

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You may be surprised to learn that it is not only going to be every imaginable type and category of bingo games that you can play at any bingo site, but you are also going to be able to play a plethora of other real money games too.

If you are a regular player at a land based bingo club then you will of course be aware such venues often have gaming machines on offer when the bingo games are not in play and often a range of other games of chance too.bouncy balls bingo game

Those additional games found in such venues will also be on offer and available to you when you are playing online, however there will also be lots of other types and categories of games too and as such below we are going to be introducing you to several of those additional games.

Keep in mind that as most bingo sites will allow you to test out any of their additional games for free, you are always going to be in a position to test drive any of them that you do like the look of to see if they are as good as they appear before you set about playing any of them in a real money playing environment!

Slot Games and Fruit Machines

By far and away the biggest range of bingo site side games that you are going to find on offer to you when playing at any bingo site are the slot machine and fruit machine categories.

You will find that you can access and play some very basic slot machines, such as the classical slots on which there are just three reels and one single pay line on offer on them. However, you will also find plenty of Fruit Machines too and those types of gaming machines come packed with bonus games and bonus features too.

However, if you are looking for even more fun and entertainment value when you play slot machines at a bingo site do consider playing some of the five reel video slot games as those types of games often have lots of built-in  bonus games and bonus features that you can trigger and be awarded with.

If you are looking and hoping to win a life changing bingo slot machine jackpot then by far and away the very best slot machines you should be playing at a bingo site are the slots that offer progressive jackpots!

Blackjack and Card Games

Casino card games may be a welcome distraction if you have not had much luck when playing bingo online, and one of the most played casino card games is of course Blackjack. However, keep in mind that no two blackjack games are the same, and one thing you should be looking for are the variants that have the lowest house edge.

The house edge is the theoretical percentage of your stake money that a bingo site is expected to win off you when playing these types of cards games, so by selecting a variant with the very lowest house edge you will get more play time from your gambling budget!

However, as Blackjack games are semi skill games, what you will be best advised doing if you ever do fancy playing any of those types of casino card games at an online bingo site is to ensure that you know how to play off each hand dealt out to you optimally by using the best playing strategy.

The stake levels on bingo site Blackjack games can also be set very low, so you will not be forced to have to play such games for high stake amounts, unless of course you want to do so!

Roulette and Table Games

One game that we do know lots of bingo players love playing every now and then are Roulette games, and keep in mind that when you are logged into a bingo sites bingo rooms you are going to be able to play Roulette or in fact any of the games listed on this guide alongside the bingo game you are playing.roulette

So you will not have to leave the bingo room you are playing to be able to play games such as Roulette, as you can keep one eye on your bingo cards and one eye on the Roulette wheel too!

There are however several different variants of Roulette you will find available at most online and for that matter mobile bingo sites, however the best variant to play is the single zero Roulette game which often goes by the name of the European Roulette game.

That game offers you the best possible pay backs much more so when you compare it to the American Roulette game which has not one but two zeros in play on the wheel, so make sure the European or a single zero version of Roulette is what you only track down and play!

Scratchcard games

If you are fond of buying the occasional scratchcard when you are out and about you will be pleased to learn that most if not all of our featured and fully approved bingo sites are going to give you access to a wide and fun to play range of online scratchcard games too.cops and robbers scratchcard

One of the benefits of playing such games online is that you have a much more varied range of staking options, and you will also find the payouts are much more generous than the scratchcards you can purchase from a land based shop or retail outlet!

Also, as those types of games come with animated graphics and often the occasional bonus game or bonus feature too you will have much more fun when you do set about playing them online, and could, with some luck in playing, win a huge amount of cash even when playing them for very low stake amounts, so do try and give some of them a try when you can do!