Beware of the Small Print

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In our recent article titled ‘How to Discover the New Online Casino Games Without Spending a Penny,’ we looked at how to use bingo, casino and slots bonus offers to take your first steps into online gaming without risking your cash. There is no disputing that these offers are an excellent way for novice players to find their feet and get to know their way around without having to risk their own cash. But if you go to get the most out of them, then it is critical to understand how they work and why they exist in the first place.

Read the Small Print

Even the smallest of casino bonus adverts contain the words ‘terms and conditions apply’ or ‘T&Cs apply’, and these terms and conditions potentially make a big difference to what you can play, how much you can win and how hard it is to get at your winnings if you do. We’re all used to ignoring the terms and conditions for things like our phones or online subscriptions, but in this case, it is crucial to read them to tell which bonuses you should play, and which could be more trouble than they are worth.

It may take a few minutes to read and get your head around what these rules mean, but it is time well spent. There are plenty of casino bonus codes currently available, but if you look behind the headline offers, you find some are far better than others. A few minutes spent sorting the wheat from the chaff can pay significant dividends when it comes to harvesting your profits!

Know What You Can Play and When

Two of the key things to know are when and what you can play. Free spins offers, for example, may limit to only one or two machines, and not include that £1 million rolling bonus slot you have your eye on. Bonuses may also be time-limited, so you could potentially have 24 hours in which to use it, or you lose it. You may find that bigger bonuses pay a little at a time, each day, to encourage you to keep returning to the site, becoming more and more familiar and comfortable with each visit until you become a regular player.

Understand the Payouts

As discussed in our previous article, many payouts come with what is called wagering caveats. That means that even if you win with your free bets, you are unlikely to withdraw your money until you wagered it again and again. It can vary from a few times to 40 or 50, and the bigger the win, the stricter the conditions are likely to be.

However, wagering does not always apply, especially with smaller wins, so keep your eyes open for sites that pay small amounts, but pay them in real, withdrawable cash. You might not win as much upfront, but you are guaranteed to get your hands on the cash without giving the site multiple chances to take it back from you.

Don’t Fall into Their Trap

Remember, they design online gaming bonuses to trick you into playing, so it is critical to be mindful of what they are there to accomplish. They are equivalent to the free drink voucher for the new bar or the free starter offer at your local restaurant. The aim is to entice you in and hope that you stay, and start to pay, once your free offer runs out. And just like that free drink voucher, most people will likely play beyond their free chips, and the casino ends up chalking up another new customer to their list. However, there’s nothing to stop you from playing for free and then walking away. With so many free bonus offers and free spins available, you can move from deal to deal, and enjoy plenty of free fun, without ever parting with a penny.

Go on a Sampling Spree

Every online casino site is different, and in such a competitive marketplace, worth £2.6 billion in Britain alone, they are all continuously innovating to try and attract new players. Playing with bonus funds gives you the chance to try lots of different casinos, bingo and slot sites to see which you like best, which is easiest to play at and which has the best offers. After all, once your bonus offer is over, you are left playing with your hard-earned cash, so it is critical to get the best experience and enjoyment for your money.

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